Social Media: A Blessing or a Curse for Logo Designers!


Be it logo designing or any other field, the role of social media cannot be undermined. Social media is the latest craze for the publicity of any business, then why should it be an exception for logo designing! This does not imply, however, that SM doesn’t have any drawbacks. Logo designers out there should not get me wrong here. My intention is not to scare you guys off!

Every technology has its benefits as well as drawbacks. Professional logo designs My objective of writing this article is to weigh the pros and cons of the impact of SM on logo design professionals. I am not here to discourage you guys!


  1.  Inexpensive Promotion

A logo artist can promote his skills more effectively and most economically using SM. If you consider the print or the television media, promotion through these means will prove quite expensive. However, promotion through SM is cheap!

  1. Promotion – Easy and Fast

The best way a logo artist can promote himself is by using the SM. It is easier, smoother and faster! As a designer, you simply tweet on Twitter, and can connect with like-minded professionals to share ideas, best practices, and express views or opinions.

It also lets you connect with communities to assist other designers and offer feedback. On the SM platform, publicity also spreads through word-of-mouth.

  1. Client Hunting Easy!

With SM, it has become easier for designers to find prospective clients and promising business opportunities. real state logo design Similarly, it has become easier for clients for hiring a professional logo artist.

  1. Creative Discussions

SM websites like Facebook and Twitter are also great for initiating creative and healthy discussions related to the use of color, images, designs or taglines for designing a logo. This helps in improving the creativity of designers and their creative juices keep flowing!


  1. Victim of Spamming

Logo artists can become the greatest victim of spamming if they use social media too frequently. This might create bewilderment or confusion for designers. Owing to spamming, logo artists are often mistaken for spammers, and this creates a negative impact on their career.

  1. Losing Focus

If logo artists use SM too frequently, it might distract them from their work. This way they lose focus, loses on productivity and quality suffers!

  1. More Plagiarism

With the excessive use of SM, there are chances of higher plagiarism of logo ideas, designs or concepts. Design as well as content is frequently copied on the blogosphere. This is a nuisance for logo artists who create original designs. Things might turn sour if the practice continues since logo artists are helpless out there to protect their designs.

  1. Consumes More Productive Time

Logo artists have to keep updating their portfolios and profiles for remaining popular on social media platforms. This might prove burdensome for a designer who has to scratch his head all day for finding new logo ideas, and working with complex design software’s. Being too busy on SM sites will thus eats away a logo artist’s productive time.

Social media has both its benefits and drawbacks. I think that it is important how a logo designer uses it to his advantage!