There are different types of exercise such as

  • Aerobic: Moderate exercise including: running, biking, dancing etc.
  • Muscle- strengthening including: push-ups, sit-ups and resistance band work
  • Bone strengthening including: tennis, running and basketball


  1. It reduces the risk of type -2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Type 2 diabetes is a concerning condition where the insulin within the pancreas cannot work efficiently or your pancreas cannot supply with enough insulin. It is the more common of the 2 diabetes, with 90% of people with diabetes falling into the category of type 2. Without insulin it is harder for glucose to enter our cells and fuel our bodies for everyday life, we need glucose in order for our muscles to contract. By doing exercise and eating healthy you can lose weight which is the main way to manage it. It is important to exercise as diabetes raises a person’s risk of developing cancer.
  1. It helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). When we exercise, we make sure that less cholesterol is built up within the coronary arteries therefore there is a greater concentration of red blood cells flowing into the heart, allowing the heart to respire. If too much fatty deposits build up, they block the path of the red blood cells which can lead to strokes.
  2. Combats arthritis a common issue faced by the elderly. This is because it strengthens bones and muscles as exercises slows the decrease of bone density that we would face alongside age. By keeping fit your body loses less mobility, making sure that as you age you have fewer stiff joints.
  3. Reduces the risk of some cancers, recent research shows that people that undertake physical activity have a reduced risk of developing. One of the most common causes of cancer is obesity (which according to research is the second most common cause of cancer). Too much body fat can cause insulin levels and other growth factors to increases. This instructs cells to divide more often which increases the chances of cancer cells to develop.


  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer in women
  1. Living longer: Those who exercise, especially within children who have grown up playing sports are less likely to go into drugs and smoking. This promotes a much healthier and longer life as they’re less likely to develop other illnesses or diseases. Overall exercise and physical activity reduce the risk of dying at a young age