Does hard work contribute to success?


Working hard will significantly raise your chance of success as you’re putting in the relevant work needed to achieve your goal. However, you cannot rely solely in putting in the hours. Hard work is important attribute to success, but it’s harmful to see it as the most important thing. Everyone will say to you in order to achieve something you must work hard in order to earn it. For example, in children the most important lesson is teaching them to earn whatever they want, in order to do that they must work hard and earn it. However, working hard isn’t the only thing that will contribute to success



  • #1 Ambition
  • #2 Working Smart Not Hard
  • #3 Passion
  • #4 Time and Patience
  • #5 Determination


  1. Ambition

Without ambition, working hard towards something without a clear goal in mind can be damaging to your own mental health. It can often leave you overwhelmed or stressed out about the situation you’re in. We all need to start somewhere and that’s where ambition comes in. You may be hard-working but if you have no goal or drive then your hard-work will be meaningless for you as you won’t get anything you might actually want for doing that work.


  1. Working smart not hard.

What’s the point of working hard to tire yourself out or waste your time? It’s important to utilise your time wisely and work smart in order to be successful. Overworking yourself can make more obstacles to come your way such as stress or mental health issues so it’s important to have a balance between the 2.

  1. Passion

You’re more likely to achieve your goal if you’re passionate about what you’re working as passion will make working hard feel like fun or make It less daunting. Passion makes everything so much easier and in the long term will make you feel a lot more satisfied as you’ve worked on something you enjoy and have a lot of compassion for.

  1. Time and patience

A lot of goals will not be finished overnight, a lot of goals may take years to reach because they are difficult to achieve. A lot of people cannot be successful because the process is taking longer than they want. But good things take time and patience. If you’re not patient then you will find a lot of obstacles your way

  1. Determination

Successful people go through a lot of failures because they welcome in the success. They may fail hundreds of times but eventually that one time it may work or there will be another break through. If you give up then you will get nowhere, you won’t know what would’ve happened and you wouldn’t have the thing you wanted so never give up.

Tips: Working hard will get you to many places. However, you also have to look at the other factors that measure success too.