30 of the Top Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Look Fresh and Clean


There’s a trick for every part of a place.

Deep scrub your toilet clean.

For the toilet bowl use a toilet cleaner, something like bleach, and let it sit for up to 10 -15 minutes before scrubbing with the toilet brush. Then a spray toilet cleaner to wipe down the seat and handle with clean microfibre cloth. What we aim for? A sparkling white toilet bowl and bacteria-free toilet seat.

Perform sparkling bathroom clean.

To remove grime and mould on grout or silicon, use a thick bleach mix ½ bottle with one-gallon water and use a sponge to apply over the affected areas. Note: (Always wear rubber gloves, face mask and eye protection like goggles.) Let it soak up for 15 -20 minutes, then scrub the area with the sponge and rinse with cold water.

Reinstate the desired shower pressure.

Clean up the build-up of limescale and Unclog your shower head by diluting equal parts white vinegar and water and pouring it inside a medium size plastic bag. Try tie the plastic bag securely around shower head, this way the wholes will plunge. Let it drench for couple of hours, then get rid of and wipe away any loosened mineral or limescale deposits.

Deep clean your dishwasher.

Build-up of excess food and grime is inevitable in your dishwasher’s over time. I do always clean any remaining bits of foods — rise, beans, meat particles, salad chinks and so on — after each dishwashing cycle. Pull out the plastic bottom rack to search for any leftover food, then clean it with a 2-ply paper towel to minimize unpleasant odours.

Clean your windows

Tailor your homemade glass cleaner with vinegar. Dilute 1/2 cup white vinegar with 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol (75% concentration) and 2 cups tap water and pour the substance into an empty trigger spray bottle. Cleaning windows looks straightforward task but you must wait for a cool, cloudy day and spray the diluted substance onto the glass, wiping with a clean window microfiber cloth to avoid residue and streaking.

Freshen up kitchen microwave.

To clean with ease your microwave heats up a small glass bowl of water, 5-6 tablespoons of white vinegar, and a chopped-up lemon bit, put the heat on until you notice that window of the microwave gets foggy. Let the glass bowl sit for 10 minutes before you release microwave’s door, and wipe the inside of it with clean paper towel promptly.

Clean the cat iron pan.

If you always wiped down with a dry paper towel or cloth that’s fine but if you over-scrubbed it with metal scouring kitchen pads, you could have possibly damaged the seasoning. To make certain to restore the finish, use a scrub sponge to eliminate rust, clean it nicely with a bit of dish soap, then follow up with cold rinse and dry it good. Coat the interior and exterior of the pan with vegetable oil and bake it upside down in the oven at 300 degrees for maximum of one hour. Let it get cool slowly and get rid of excess grease with a kitchen paper towel.

Spring clean refrigerator.

Defrost the fridge and use homemade all-purpose cleaner. Put together 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, table spoon of baking soda, couple of drops tea tree oil, pour distilled water to fill the bottle. Clean up the messes with sponge, at the end wipe out with a paper towel. The diluted substance will transform and gleam every surface (mostly kitchen counters tops, kitchen appliances, and the interior of the refrigerator).

Bring back to life cloudy glasses.

Revive your glasses by using an acetone and mild dish soap to eliminate built-up film from minerals like magnesium and calcium minerals, swab the glass for 10 minutes then rinse with hot water, at the end use of paper towel to dry it up.

Unclog your slow running drain.

When you have a clogged drain first thing is not to panic. You can unclog with a plunger or by pouring down a 1/2 cup of baking soda, followed by a 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Cover the surface of the drain with a wet cloth. Wait 10-15 minutes and then flush down with really hot water.

Sanitize your landline home phone.

The truth is that phone handles, computers, tablets accumulate more germs and bacteria than the toilet sea itself. Destroy bacteria with an alcohol-based wipes, and provide your TV remote control and PC mouse with the same deserved affection.

De-grease cabinets.

Just like your kitchen and cooking tools, kitchen cupboards can get filthy and grimy when you’re arranging the breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dilute a bit of a mild dish soap to a spray bottle with hot water to eliminate away the grease. Then, clean it up and finish it when you rinse with a clean microfiber cloth and dry.

Wipe clean candleholders.

Use the plastic container when the candle’s spent by rinsing it with steaming hot water by excavating out the waxy residue inside with a microfibre cloth or small sponge.

Eliminate the bad odour from rubbish bin.

Chop a lemon on 4 pieces and run a few of these bits through the bin and follow with cold water rinse to get rid of unpleasant odours.

Rethink and organise wardrobes.

Act on any overflowing storage with cloths by adding an additional shelf. Take the cloths out fold them nicely and re-arrange them neatly inside the wardrobe.

Spot clean wall doodles.

Wall marks and doodles left from kids are easy to wipe down. scrub softly with a damp sponge sprinkled in baking soda or diluted solution of ¼ part of bleach and ¾ parts of water. Do not press hard.

Descale coffee maker.

Eliminate accumulated minerals by filling up the coffee machine water tank with a mixture that’s half of white vinegar, half tap water. Start the coffee machine and let the solution brew halfway, then stop the machine and let it sit for 30-40 minutes before completing the whole cycle. Rinse it by “brewing” a bowl of new added clean water.

Make sport shoes bright.

Get your white tennis sneakers to their original just-out-of-the-box condition, try by hand washing them up with a mild dish soap and cold water, then clean its rubber soles follow up with the sides as well.

Deep clean the shower curtain.

To prevent mouldy spots on shower curtain, throw plastic or vinyl curtains in the bath tub, fill it up with warm water and put a cup with bleach. Leave it to soak for 1 hour. Rinse nicely to be free of bleach and place them this time in the washing machine with a little bit of detergent. Place additional couple of bath towels for extra cleaning agitation. When the cycle finishes have them hanged out to dry or put in the dryer on low heat or fluff only program.

Get rid of old wine stains.

To maintain and keep stain free your carpet, start by blotting up as much of the wine stain as possible. (You can even put an additional on absorbent cloths if its required). Next step is to saturate the stain with Wine Away Stain Remover and let set for up to five to ten minutes before blotting the area once again until the stain is completely eliminated.

Buff out floor marks like professional.

Safeguard your long-term investment – hardwood by getting rid of small scuffs with a piece of cloth or clean tennis soft ball. To rub out bigger marks, apply a little bit of sodium bicarbonate to a damp cloth and lightly rub. Finish it as you follow with rinsing with a damp clean paper towel and air dry it.

Freshen up smelly shoes.

Easy restore the smell of your sneakers by sprinkle some powdered baking soda inside your shoes to deodorize them. Just tap it out before you wear them before you go to the gym or in the park.

Deep clean combs.

Easiest way to fight off accumulation from hair products is with a foaming solution of a few drops of mild dish soap or gentle shampoo diluted in lukewarm water.

Fight pet stink.

First sanitize and then freshen up by deodorizing the soft, cushy places around your house — including the dog or cat area— by scattering the surfaces with baking soda, letting it sit for 20 minutes, and then hoover all up.

Jet wash patio furniture.

Add a squirt of mild dish detergent to a medium bowl of hot water, and use it to wipe down with clean cloth your outdoor tables, chairs other garden furniture. Then, follow up and rinse clean with the assistance of the garden hose.

Freshen up stale towels.

Towels gets musty with the time, because you might leave them wet towel in your gym bag dappled? Start with brush them off the mildew spores, and try to sun-dry the item for few hours. Next step is to pre-soak with a bleach solution and water (make sure care tag says it’s safe to do so), and put it in the washing machine for wash.

Get rid of the dust on door frames.

Eliminate dust located on the top of the door frames with a clean dry microfiber cloth. This area is easily forgotten and build-up of dust there is very common. Wipe down also door closers, hinges. Locks and handles.

Polish furniture scratches.

Got a scuff or a scratch on home wood furniture? Rub it gently with a piece of walnut kernels to camouflage any damage.

Make a mirror gleam.

Use a paper towel to give mirrors a no-streak shine. Use a window cleaner bought over the counter.

Remove coffee stains from mugs.

When your morning ceramic coffee cup contains a stubborn unsightly ring, scatter few drops of dish soap in it and add some sodium bicarbonate for and extra abrasion, fill it up with hot water from the kettle and then clean it as usual with a sponge.