Best Communal Areas Cleaning Prices in London Revealed ?

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What Are The Best Communal Areas Cleaning Prices: How Much Block Cleaners Charge Freehold Owners& Property Managers in London!

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Communal Areas Cleaning Prices for Freehold Owners& Property Managers in London!

We have a good news for you with best communal areas cleaning prices in London. If you are responsible for the cleaning maintenance of any communal areas within your residential block – your search for a professional cleaning company is actually over!

Firstly, in this article we will provide you with best information possible if you have been looking after communal areas within Greater London. Block cleaning experts we are not easy to find.

Further to that it is even more difficult to figure out who do you want to supply a reliable and competitively priced service. Many companies out there but only few you can rely on and outsource the cleaning:

Approximate Communal Areas Cleaning Prices:

Communal Areas Cleaning Prices for Small Block 1-5 flats is £40.00 per visit

Communal Areas Cleaning Prices for Medium Block 5-20 flats is £70.00 per visit

Communal Areas Cleaning Prices for Large Blocks 20-50 flats is £140.00 per visit

Communal Areas Cleaning Prices for Large Blocks over 50 flats is £240.00 per visit

In addition, apparently, it seems that the communal areas cleaning prices in London on average hourly rate will be £25.00 per hour per cleaner. All prices looks like to include transport, labour, material and equipment.

Finally the actual price from the residential block cleaners is calculated on different factors. The main one is the size of the residential building, the easy access and parking facilities.

What is Communal Areas Cleaning Services ?

What is included?

At last, you did find about the communal areas cleaning prices in London. Another things is that communal areas cleaning services differ for different residential buildings. Number of tasks listed in the communal areas cleaning schedule vary. Every property has its own unique list of tasks. Find out here a sample of what usually do at a standard 2 or 4 storey block of flats in London:

  • Full dusting of all surfaces
  • Wet wiping of woodwork
  • Wiping light fixtures
  • Dry vacuuming of all floor coverings
  • Thorough mopping wood, vinyl etc.
  • Thorough mopping and rinsing of all hard floor covered common areas
  • Buffing natural stone floor if necessary
  • Polishing natural stone floor if required
  • Taking care of stainless steel elements elevator doors and panels
  • Wiping down post-boxes etc.
  • Cleaning of reception and concierge desks
  • Empty bins
  • External litter pick within building grounds and borders
  • Car park litter pick and sweep from leaves and other rubbish
  • Thorough cleaning and tidying of the rubbish bin area
  • Disinfect bin store
  • Cleaning up roof terrace
  • Scrub floors where necessary

Communal parts plus many more common areas cleanliness like lobbies, hallways and reception spaces are very important  when it comes to feel and see the building vibe and appearance. The most concentrated areas of traffic within your properties. It is paramount these are maintained nice and clean at all times.  It is a big reflection of the company that manage this place. Therefore you need to look for following:

  • Client properties treatment must be unique. Different properties have different needs and requirements. But attention is needed at all times. Such factors must be taken into consideration.
  • Must be competent enough to maintain and to clean all types of communal floors located in reception hall, training rooms, lobbies, entrances, meeting rooms, lounge areas, and localised office areas.
  • Expert cleaners must be skilled and well-trained. It is more engaging to get on with dusting, de-scaling etc. than sweeping, picking up litter and garbage, dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting the areas. Must look to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Specifically, additional tasks are available: bulb replacement if needed, internal window cleaning, external window cleaning,  cleaning any glass panels, frames, and sills. We also clean skirting boards, doors including knobs and handles, frames, glasses, and edges. Total vacuuming of the whole area. Annual carpet cleaning and jet wash services available.
  • Efficient professional cleaning specialists. Making sure they are prompt, systematic, competent, and friendly. They must have the chance to accommodate different types of schedules be it:
    • Daily Communal Area Cleaning
    • Weekly Communal Area Cleaning
    • Fortnightly Communal Area Cleaning
    • Monthly Communal Area Cleaning
    • One-Off Cleaning Service

Maintaining consistency is paramount to complete block cleaning service. Guarantees are bonus with excellent results so that you will not be disappointed and immediately not look further for a different block cleaning company.

Communal Areas Cleaning Checklist for Freehold Owners, Property Management and Lanlords

Communal areas cleaning checklist and services assist clients with excellent living and working conditions to their tenants.

Main activities of block cleaning service includes dusting and polishing, all skirting boards, windows, window frames, window sills, doors, mirrors, lift doors, door knobs, door handles, replacing light bulbs if needed, vacuuming floors, wiping door furnishing, clearing cobwebs, polishing banisters, cleaning light switches and socket outlets, cleaning outside the building and maintaining the rubbish bins area, cleaning of reception areas, cleaning of communal toilets and kitchens if any.  What is included in the deep annual carpet cleaning you can read here:

Standard communal area cleaning checklist services include:

  • Wiping entrance door internally and externally
  • Dusting door furniture
  • Cleaning outside entry area sweep, mop, etc
  • Removal of superficial marks from walls
  • Dust /wipe skirting boards
  • Dust/wipe door frames
  • Spot clean of marks on all doors
  • Disinfecting handrails
  • Polishing of handrails
  • Dusting internal window ledges
  • Dusting of mirrors, picture frames
  • Dusting furniture
  • Dusting through radiators
  • Clearing cobwebs
  • Vacuuming and mopping of all floors
  • Cleaning of lifts
  • Cleaning lift doors
  • Polish lift panels
  • Disinfecting light switches
  • Disposing litter and
  • Rearrange junk mail
  • Replacing light bulbs (if required)
  • Window cleaning internal spread out through the year
  • Carpet steam cleaning annually
  • Bin area cleaning and disinfecting
  • Car park litter picking
  • Car park sweeping
  • Jet wash annually pathways

Finally cleaners should record their attendance on a sheet displayed in the communal area . Such sheet will help residents or property managers to check if tasks have been performed. Site check and inspection from management should be in place too ensuring that the cleaning is up to standard and record all cleaning visit.