How to Deal With Tea Stains on Carpet

What You’ll Need for both?

Detergent Cleaning Solution Vinegar Solution
1.     Small glass bowl


2.     1 cup warm water

3.     1/4 teaspoon mild dish soap

4.     Dry clean microfiber cloth

5       Vacuum cleaner

1. Small glass bowl


2. 3 Tablespoons white vinegar

3. 5 Cups warm water

4 Dry clean microfiber cloth

5 Bottle spray


How to remove tea stains from carpet:

  1. Vacuum up dry particles, then blot as much possible of the spillage with a clean microfiber cloth.
  2. Get ready to use both suggested cleaning solutions from above, starting with the first one pointed.
  3. Do a small trial cleaning test, perform it onto inconspicuous region of carpet. This should be done to make certain the diluted substance doesn’t create any discoloration or ruin the carpet!
  4. Use the bottle spray and apply the diluted substance to a clean cloth, and then use the same cloth and to re-apply the detergent onto the stain surface. For optimum effect, start and work out from the outside the edge area of the stain going inwards the stain centre.
  5. Relax the cleaning solution on the spill for at least five to ten minutes, so it can do its job. a
  6. Blot gain the stain with a clean white microfibre cloth until the stain no longer transfers its colour. Cautioners not to rub the stain is significant not to damage the carpet fibres!
  7. Wash out by rinsing the spot with cold water, making sure all moisture and residue from the cleaning solution is withdrawn from the carpet.
  8. If the stain is still perceptible, replicate the exercise until it is eliminated, or no longer pass on to the cloth.
  9. If the mark prevails, dilute the next solution on the list above and follow previous steps above. If the stain persist after trying both solutions, contact a professional if you know how to find right office cleaning contractor?
  • Once the stain is cleaned out from carpet, put down clean white paper towels on the area to soak up any extra dampness. Press the towels with heavy object preferably glass, and let them sit few hours.
  • Once the carpet is dry, vacuum the affected area to restore the texture and groom the carpet if necessary.
  • The task is completed, Great Job, You did it!