How to Clean Windows to Get Sparkling Shine

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How to Clean Windows Best?

Have you ever wondered how to clean windows? Cleaning your house windows can be a chore people easily miss off their essential cleaning checklist, as it is a somewhat arduous task. But, if you can clean them a few times during the year, you’ll be picking up the fruits by more light being let through into your home.

Forget the old days’ advice from your grandparents about the scrunched-up newspaper. Did you know that in the past papers were manufactured and printed with petroleum-based oil ink, which is what provided windows their prolific shine? Later in the 1980s, this was switched to soy ink for environmental and cost reasons – and it did have a completely different effect on glass.

Statistically it window cleaning is ranked as the most hated chore in the house cleaning, but it doesn’t have to take up hours of your time. Here’s how to get on and fast make your windows looking pristine and clean again in no time…like office cleaning London.

Cleaning Windows and Weather

My advice from cleaning company London is that your windows on hot or sunny days – the heat will accelerate the time and the glass will dry too promptly and cause smears undoing all your hard work than you have to do it again.

To perform the job to a magnificent standard, fold or take down curtains, roll up vertical blinds, and clear windows and their sills of any objects. Use a vacuum cleaner tool to remove any loose debris or wipe with a clean dry cloth before washing to avoid muddy chaos.

Getting rid of mildew on frames

The next step is to tackle the mildew. You’ll have to elbow grease and put on rubber gloves before you clean up any window frames. Then, gently clean off the mildew with a microfibre lint-free cloth.

First, dip the cloth in a mold remover or spray with the bottle onto the cloth, don’t spray on the windows as you going to complicate the task further. Then give your window frames a comprehensive clean or a 5% ready mix solution of household bleach.

Give the glass a great shine

Use always a window cleaner which contains vinegar, the best window cleaner you can from Asda and cost £0.70 pence. If you don’t have it indoors you can make your own window cleaner with a solution of two-part distilled white vinegar to 10 parts water into any spray bottle. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe them down and then a dry clean cloth to buff them to the ultimate shine.

The benefit of the Vinegar is that it is non-toxic and antibacterial, so a very good and handy detergent to have in your cupboard – and not just for your dishes, soups, or chips!

In a scenario where you have larger areas of glass to clean, such as a top to bottom windows, conservatory, or patio doors, it’s worth considering a special window vacuum cleaning machine to save time and energy. Once you’ve completed cleaning house windows, follow with vacuuming the water left onto the surface in one go making them far less messy than a squeegee which will usually affect you in a way that water dripping onto your flooring!


Show sills how it is done

Don’t be lazy and try to dust the internal sills frequently, taking time to get into any nooks or crannies that may require further attention.

Monitor external sills regularly for rotten areas, check frequently, and replace any crumbling putty with the correct type for either timber, plastic or metal. Keep them safe as repainting them will be helpful.


Take care of window screens

If you have metal window screens. remove the screens one by one and dust the mesh and frame with a simple brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. You may what to scrub both sides of the screen with a harder brush dipped in a ready-mixed solution in the bath, but be careful and cover with towels to prevent scratching the bath finish. Rinse using cold water and e nicely spray the nozzle of a hosepipe. Leave it dry fully in a sunny spot before reattaching them to the window again. This is a part of ours 30 cleaning tips for clean house.